Freo Prison Tours

Fremantle Prison Tour

Explore Fremantle and all its sights, smells and sounds as one of Western Australia’s oldest settlements. On the way take in the sights as you trace the swan river edge past the old swan brewery and head down past the University of Western Australia.

 Visit the Fisherman’s Warf, Various Maritime museums, Historic buildings etc.

Take a look at the landing point where the British convicts were first brought ashore and then marched through town to the jail. Visit the Jail, which took 30 years to build and stayed in operation until 1987. All tours are guided by former prison officers of the jail (see the gallows, the rack and cat of nine tails!).

For the adventurous types you can also canoe under the city of Fremantle in the caves (time permitting).If you take the tour on a Saturday or Sunday the local markets are open which are renowned for there antiques & bargains.

Before leaving Fremantle you have got to take a seat at one of the many café’s or coffee shops on the famous “Cappuccino strip” of Fremantle and just take in the sights, allow the world to just walk by.

On the main streets there are many trendy & tourist style boutique shops for you to select gifts for family & friends.Take the tour later in the day and grab a glass of west Australian wine or boutique beers at one of Fremantle’s 26 bars or classis restaurants. Time permitting why not cruises up the coastline to Cottesloe to view one of Perth’s iconic beaches before heading home or back to your hotel.

W.A. Limo’s can customize a day package that suites you taste & budget. Take this tour and view more than 200 years of WA history.